Sylvain Lapeyrade

MSc2 Student at UPSSITECH & Currently Intern at NII.




Data Scientist, AI and High Tech Enthusiast.

I am deeply interested in artificial intelligence, multiagent systems and Game Theory.
I undertake many projects related to these fields.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Multiagent Systems
  • Game Theory


  • MSc2 Computer Science, Networks & Telecommunications, 2020

    UPSSITECH, Toulouse, FRA

  • Erasmus Semester Computer Science, 2019

    Linköping Universitet, Sweden

  • DipHE Computer Science, 2017

    IUT Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, FRA

  • Scientific Baccalaureate, 2015

    Jean Dupuy Highschool Tarbes, FRA

Mains Skills

Data Science

Machine Learning




Research Intern


Mar 2020 – Aug 2020 Tokyo, Japan
Machine Learning on DNS Data:

  • DNS data mining and analysis
  • DNS TTLs prediction

Research Intern


Apr 2019 – Jul 2019 Toulouse, France
Use of Recurrent Neural Network for network intrusion detection:

  • Reproducing an article results in machine learning
  • Implementing RNN machine learning algorithms (LSTM, GRU…)
  • Using python, keras, tensorflow, etc. for machine learning


FRAMESPA Laboratory

Jul 2017 – Jul 2017 Toulouse, France
Database integrity checking & SQL procedures on FileMaker.

Software developer Intern


Apr 2017 – Jun 2017 Toulouse, France
Python development, XML/Binary parser and converter.

Featured projects

See my GitHub for more projects.


Multi-Agent Systems

Erasmus labs where I implemented systems using multiple agents and game theoric situations.

Networks Models and Algorithms

Erasmus labs where I implemented networks science systems such as classification and recommendation systems.

Real Time Systems

Erasmus labs where I implemented a real-time system consisting of using a robot to simulate the rescue of patients.

AlphaQuest Video Game

Erasmus project where I enterily developed a computer video game with Godot.

Artificial Intelligence

Erasmus labs where I implemented AI paradigms such as Intelligent Agents, Search, Planning, Bayesian Networks, Reinforcement and Deep …

Digital Image Processing

Erasmus labs where I implemented popular image processing methods.

Personal Website

Using Academic theme for Hugo to generate a web site.

RNN Intrusion Detection Keras

A Recurrent Neural Networks implementation using Keras for network intrusion detection.

Multi-User Dungeon

School project of a Multi-User Dungeon development.

Music review site

School project : The making of a music review website.

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